Common fault and Solution about CNC Router(3)

11. Spindle rotating automatically
Solution: (1) Control card was wrong; (2) Transducer system was wrong.

12. Program can’t open successfully
Solution: (1) To check the card driver was OK; (2) To re-install the data cable, to check is there something wrong; (3) Control card was wrong.

13. Three axis were giving an alarm.
Solution: (1) To check the data cable between machine and computer; (2) To check the fuse wire in electrical cabinet was wrong or not; (3) To check the 85V power was normal or not.

14. Mismatch when engraving
Solution: (1) To check the software route was wrong or not; (2) To check the srews between lead screw and polish rod; (3) To check the parameters in the software wrong or not.

15. The spindle motor was not rotate
Solution: (1) To check the transducer’s parameter; (2) Transducer’s signal line was correct connecting.

16. Limit phenomenon when engraving
Solution: (1) To check the engraving route was exceed engraving scale; (2) Please set the parameters about soft limit.

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