Common fault and solution about Laser engraving cutting machine(1)

1. Lead head was not give out light
Solution: (1) To check the amperemeter’s situation; (2) To check the circulating system was normal or not; (3) To check the computer’s parameter was correct or wrong.

2. Engraving thickness can’t same
Solution: (1) To check the water circulating was fluency or not; (2) To check the focal distance was normal or not; (3) To check the light path was normal or not; (4) To check the beam was parallel or not; (5) To check the lens was broken or not; (6) To check the laser tube’s transmitting terminal was pollute or not; (7) To check the water temperature exceed 30℃ or not; (8) To check laser head and focus lens were loose or not; (9) Laser tube maturing.

3. Resetting not normal
(1) To check the sensor was dust-catcher or not; (2) To check the ground wire was confirm or not; (3) Motor’s wire can’t well-connecting.

4. Leak-engraving
(1) Initiazation was not correct; (2) Operation sequence was perversion; (3) Electrostatic interference.

Common fault and solution about CNC Router(4)

17. There is’t electricity when turn on the machine
Solution: (1) To check the start button was burning-out or not; (2) To check the alternating current contactor burning-out or not.

18. Axis was moving in one direction
Solution: (1) To check ray of light was connect perfect; (2) To check the screw was loose or not; (3) Engraving tools was wrong.

19. Spindle motor was not rotate when engraving
Solution: (1) Working voltage was not confirm, add voltage stabilizer please; (2) To check the mid-line was correct connecting or not

20. When setting origin, the offset distance was not confirm
Solution: (1) Limist switch was not correct; (2) Driver’s cable was loose.

Common fault and Solution about CNC Router(3)

11. Spindle rotating automatically
Solution: (1) Control card was wrong; (2) Transducer system was wrong.

12. Program can’t open successfully
Solution: (1) To check the card driver was OK; (2) To re-install the data cable, to check is there something wrong; (3) Control card was wrong.

13. Three axis were giving an alarm.
Solution: (1) To check the data cable between machine and computer; (2) To check the fuse wire in electrical cabinet was wrong or not; (3) To check the 85V power was normal or not.

14. Mismatch when engraving
Solution: (1) To check the software route was wrong or not; (2) To check the srews between lead screw and polish rod; (3) To check the parameters in the software wrong or not.

15. The spindle motor was not rotate
Solution: (1) To check the transducer’s parameter; (2) Transducer’s signal line was correct connecting.

16. Limit phenomenon when engraving
Solution: (1) To check the engraving route was exceed engraving scale; (2) Please set the parameters about soft limit.

Common fault and solution about CNC Router(2)

4. Different engraving depth
Solution: (1) Control card was loose; (2) Stepper motor was wrong; (3) Drive was wrong; (4) Z axis lines was wrong; (5) Spindle motor was wrong; (6) Transducer was disturb; (7) Electrostatic interference; (8) Computer virus.

5. Engraving not normal
Solution: (1)Control card was loose; (2)Transducer was disturb; (3)Files route was wrong; (4)Electrostatic interfernce; (5)Software setting not OK; (6)Drive was wrong; (7)Data cable was wrong; (8)Computer virus

6. Milling not flat
Solution: (1)Spindle was vertical to working table; (2)Engraving tools problem; (3) Control card was wrong; (4)Z axis Drive was wrong.

7. Spindle stopped suddenly
Solution: (1)Inner lines short circuit in the Spindle; (2)Bucking current; (3)Transder parameters was wrong; (4)Control card was wrong; (5) Spindle cable and Data cable under short circuit.

8. Spindle moving owning noise
Solution: (1)Transducer parameters was wrong; (2)Spindle was stopped; (3)The spindle was wrong.

9. The machine can’t back to original point
Solution: (1)Opposite direction; (2)Control card was wrong; (3)Limit Switch was wrong; (4)Drive was wrong; (5)Stepper motor was wrong.

10. Spindle can’t stop
Solution: (1)Control card was wrong; (2) Transducer was wrong.

Common fault & Solution about CNC Router(1)

1. One axis or thre axises were all not moving, also sometimes not perfect-moving.

(1) Controller card was loose; (2) The equivalent axis driver was wrong; (3) The equivalent axis stepper motor was wrong; (4) The equivalent coupler was breakaged/loosen; (5) The equivalent lead screw was breakaged/loosen; (6) The equivalent slider was wrong; (7) Driver’s MICRO/ELECTRICITY was different as in the software.

2. Z axis out of control

(1) Controller card was loose/wrong; (2) Electrostatic interference; (3) Z axis’s Motor line fault; (4) Files route was wrong; (5) Transducer interference; (6) The computer was wrong; (7) Misoperation.

3. Mistake was bring

(1) Controller card was wrong/loose; (2) Driver was wrong; (3) Stepper motor was wrong; (4) Motor line fault; (5) Electrostatic interference; (6) Data cable fault; (7) Files route was wrong; (8) The equivalent coupler was breakaged/loosen; (9) So fast High-speed; (10) Computer wrong/virus

CNC Router machine’s routine attention

1.  If the cnc router machine working exceed 1o hours per day, must guarantee the cooling water under cleaning & the water pump under well-operating.
In order to prevent the water temperature was high enough, remember to change cooled water at regular time.

2. There will be certain dust on Working table & transmission system after long-term operating; please remember to clean it.
Meantime please also oil pumping on XYZ axis at regular time.

3. If the cnc router machine was not use long-term, please also oil pumping & guarantee XYZ axis moving; just confirm the flexible about the transmission system.

4. Please clean the electrical cabinet at regular time; check the all wires & screws under perfect situation. Just guarantee the safety about electic circuit.

5. Don’t forget to chek the all screws on the machine fasten enough.

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