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Portable Dot Peen Marking 0815

1. Controller was SCM design, easy to operate. Meantime supporting testing software. 


2. The controller can work stability, can work 24 hours in a row. 


3. The marking effect can directly check on that screen. 


4. The distance between the print needle and the material can be adjusted. 


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Product features: 

1. Dot peen marking machine is the pneumatic marking machine.

2. It works by compressed air. 

3. It can mark signs, characters and pictures on various kinds of hard materials such as mental and plastic. 

4. It featured with distinct and beautiful effect, editable contents, adjustable sign size,depth, and high speed, etc. 

5. The marking result is distinct and artistic. 

6. Dot peen marking machine is mainly consist of control system and execution system. 

7. It is widely used in the field of mechanical processing and other industries. 


Specification parameter:

Marking Range

80mm×150mm (Size can be customized according to the user)

Marking speed range:

10~100 words/min (characters)

Marking depth range

0.05 ~ 1.2mm (according to materials )

Compressed air pressure required


System functions

1.Character input, editing, marking

2.VIN code automatically calculated, set, marking

3.Serial number setting, automatically increase, marking

4.Tag data query, reporting, print

5.Characters, graphics, Chinese character editing

Marked Font size

Arbitrary adjustable

Tag character content

0 ~ 9 figures, A ~ Z large, lowercase letters Graphics, characters (users can be random homemade) 2D barcode

Operating voltage

Control cabinet ~ 220V 50Hz ± 10%

Machine power:


Work Environment

Temperature: 0 ~ +40 C ° Humidity: ≤ 80% room



Insulation resistance:Normal atmospheric pressure≥5MΩ/500V

Electric strength: 50Hz1500V 1min

Leakage Current


Working voltage

Single-phase 220V/50Hz

Dimension packing


Gross weight



Applicable industry:

machenical working,Automobile Industry,Aeronautics, Astronautics, and Petroleum equipment,etc.


Applicable material:

Aluminum rating plate, copper rating plate, stainless steel rating plate, etc.

All kinds of metal, hard plastic,wood,etc.

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