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Tengzhou Jianda CNC Machine Co., Ltd

Contact person: Christina

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Address: Qianfang Industry park, South River town, Tengzhou city, Shandong, China. 

COHERENT 100W RF CO2 Laser Marking Machine

  • Large Format Dynamic Focusing Galvanometer CO2 Laser Marking Machine 
  • Fast marking speed: 8000mm/s 
  • Stable performace: 10.64μm laser wavelength
  • Large Format field size: 300*300mm, 350*350mm, 400*400mm, 450*450mm, 500*500mm, 600*600mm, 750*750mm, 1000*1000mm, 1200*1200mm......etc.

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Machine features: 

1. Imported COHERENT RF CO2 ratio frequency metal laser tube, high precision and fast speed and long life span. 

2. Marking speed is controllable. 

3. FEELTEK brand C30 Dynamic focusing galvanometer scanner, with largely field size; maximum field size can up to 1600*1600mm. 

4. Automatically focusing scanning system & Automatically red position system. 

5. Marking contents are clearly, and not easily to erase. 

6. Water chiller cooling system for cooling RF metal tube when temperature is hot enough. 

7. DELL brand computer will be well-installed control software, high stability and easy operation. 

8. Automatically UP&DOWN adjustable table, easily to obtain right size focus length. 

9. Fix table device, all non-metallic materials can be placed on it firmly. 

10. The optical system is fully sealed, it can prevent the dust enters laser body and reduces the equipment failure rate. 


Technical parameters:



Laser power


Laser Wavelength


Frequency of pulse


Response time


Marking range


Minimum line width


Minimum character


Marking speed


Max Marking depth


Engraving line speed


Repeatability accuracy


Resolution ratio


Marking Format

Graphics, text, bar codes, two-dimensional code,

automatically marking the date, batch number, serial number, frequency,etc.

Graphic format supported


Working voltage


Unit power


Use of the environment

Clean and dust free or dust less

Working condition:Humidity

5%-75%,free of condensed water

Laser module life

25000 hours

Net weight


Packing size




Applicable industry: 

Electronic components, Food packaging, Pharmaceutical packaging, Shell plate, Printing plate, Model marking, Advertising signs, Leather garments, Furniture, Craft gifts and so on.


Applicable material:

Cloth, Crystal, Jade, Marble, Plastic, Tile, Organic glass, bamboo products, PVC, Wood, Rubber, Leather, Fabric, Paper, MDF, Plywood, Textiles, Acrylic, Stone, double-color board and other non-metallic material. 



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